Caution! Replicas and fakes of the Akimov brand

Alexander Lemeshenko
Caution! Replicas and fakes of the Akimov brand

The state does not protect the copyrights of jewelry workshops, and this frees the hands of pirates. They have long learned how to remove rubber bands from our products and make low-quality copies from them, passing off as their own author's works. This is unpleasant, but only hits the pocket, not the reputation. Nevertheless, these would-be masters steal "honestly", under their own names, so they themselves are responsible for the poor quality.

Unfortunately, there is now a new type of pirate operating in more sophisticated fraudulent schemes.

Sly businessmen print tags and certificates similar to ours, and sell low-quality fakes under the Akimov brand. In photographs on the Internet and in storefronts, scammers spread genuine products, and they sell copies of very poor quality to customers. Twenty years of impeccable work, the famous "Akimov" quality standard - all this is trampled into the mud, destroyed by greedy and unprincipled businessmen.

We began to receive complaints about defects and poor quality of products that we didn’t make. The fakes repeat our models, but they have different hallmarks. Tags and certificates are similar - but not ours. Counterfeits are sold at almost full price, or at a slight discount, but poorly made. The reliefs are damaged by rough processing, locks and fasteners break quickly, gilding is erased.

And, of course, the spiritual side of these machinations worries: can there be a cross or a small icon that was made with bad intent?

Dear customers, we ask you: be careful!

After purchasing the product, take it out of the packaging and inspect it carefully. Examine the tag and certificate of authenticity.

The tag and the certificate are adorned with a delicate corporate ornament. The lines of the ornament are alive, since they are based on a feather, not a computer drawing. The pattern is made up of many different thin strokes that differ in thickness. The dark background is nowhere completely filled with paint, but consists of strokes, only more frequent. The main color of the ornament is gray, but different in saturation: lighter on the tag, darker on the certificate.

The tag is attached to the product with a thread or fishing line with a metal seal. The tag indicates the article number of the product, weight and materials, as well as a barcode.

The certificate of authenticity bears the signature of S.A. Akimov and a round hologram. The branded letter "A" appears on it at a certain angle.

If you are faced with a fake, please let us know by email: [email protected].


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